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Six Months to 60.... The Countdown Begins!

Here we go…I mean here I go! I am entering a new decade in six months. I will be 6-0!

For many people this might not be a huge deal to celebrate, but first, I celebrate all birthdays in a grand way (as in month long celebrations); and secondly, it’s 60 for Pete’s sake!!!

I have to admit I am slightly more anxious to turn 60 than when I turned 50.

Looking back, turning 50 seemed easy.

  • I was fit

  • I ate healthy(er)

  • I had a great job I loved

  • My immediate family was doing well and entering into new exciting opportunities

  • Life appeared to have only good things ahead as I looked into the future

  • My hair was fuller

  • My eyebrows were still noticeable

  • I didn’t lean in to hear with my ‘good’ ear

  • I could get out of bed without much noise

  • One strong, good cup of coffee was enough to begin each day

Now as I enter a new decade, I have taken to:

  • eating things mostly Norwegian (bland and beige) foods

  • I make odd noises walking up the stairs

  • I no longer can tolerate white wine (what???😭)

  • I have retired from the job I loved

{Note: Immediate family is still doing well}

I've noticed particular things causing my anxiety to rise a bit...

I am close to the age of my great grandmother when I realized she used Nair facial hair removal on a daily basis (yes, I peeked in on her while she did this). This upset me then and upsets me even more now, as I too, have facial hair to be removed.

I am also becoming the age my dad was when we planned his surprise party and I worried it would be his last big birthday to celebrate.

Clearly, I have some preconceived ideas of becoming a ‘certain age’. I mean it seems this age will be the beginning of some sort of balancing act.

While I can still do lots and lots of stuff really well and do not need full on daily care, I do pay remove facial hair and restore the hair on my head (which is an expensive battle I deal with monthly). I also need help remembering all of my passwords.

Yes, I make jokes, but I am also aware of my fears; or the word I use to mask my fear: worry

I am worried about what might, could or maybe will happen, as I age. These worries never include: What if I win the lottery at age 65 and can travel the world. They are more akin to: What if I lose my physical stability at 65 and suddenly need special devices to get around?

Looking back through my 50’s, I do not know when all these aging changes happened. I assure you it was not all in one day because I would have written a strongly worded letter demanding a 'time refund'. However, I am quite certain it was a drip like infusion trickling in me each day. Little by little I became…well, I became old.

To clarify, I know I am not ‘that’ old. I am older, yes, and each day I become even older. So, knowing this is tricky because what this really means is I have lived more than I will...🤯 I know! That's a big proclamation.

So, knowing this and recognizing I am on track for more aging changes, I have some decisions to make, and make them I will while I still can (ok I'm joking.....kind of).

I am old enough to realize I am still very, very capable of doing things.

I am.

  • No matter how I much I might internally (and sometimes externally) protest, I can still exercise, eat healthy and make good decisions.

  • I am very capable of running a business, creating and implementing wonderful ideas.

  • I am dedicated to having joy, love and contentment fill my life

My age allows for me to make decisions I want to make. I no longer need to seek out the approval from others or get lots of likes on my

posts to feel good about myself.

My age allows for wisdom only gathered from the years I've experienced.

I know have learned from those who have walked before me and in turn, hope to share with those to come after me.

I mean I still would like fuller hair on my head and less abundant hair on my face…but all things considered (including turning 60 in 6 months) I live a pretty gratitude-filled awesome life.

So I invite you to join me on this 6 month journey whether you've already been there or will experience 60 sometime in the future. I can't promise it will always be sunshine and rainbows (in fact I can promise that that it won't always be) but I want to turn 60...

feeling strong and resolute in my abilities

having the knowledge of experiences lived and the excitement of what is to come

being in a state of gratitude each and every day

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