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Sparkle On...Women Aging In Gratitude
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Midwest Independent Publishing Association Book Award Finalist in Inspiration and Humor Categories


Independent Publisher Book Award

Medal Winner in Women's Category


50 Over 50 Minnesota AARP Award

Recipient in Arts Category

No one wants to talk about aging (especially aging women).  The rules usually go something like this:

  1. One shall not to bring up the changes to one's body (like how they can't help but break wind in yoga) 

  2. One shall not endeavor to take on new risks or make big life changes (especially if those choices will inconvenience those around them)

  3. One may suddenly realize they have developed the super power of  invisibility as their opinions seem to be routinely dismissed 

  4. One's stomach may suddenly decide it doesn't like a whole class of foods it was formerly fond of, and begin to protest vigorously (and embarrassingly)

  5. And above all.... one absolutely must not show appreciation or gratitude for growing older, this is something to be dreaded after all.

As humorist Kim Kane entered into this strange new era of "a certain age", she had a nagging feeling there was more to aging in our culture than colonoscopies and early bed times. She began hosting gatherings of women to discuss important questions about the psychological, social and physiological changes in the aging experience. And with grace and humor, the truth about aging began to emerge:

Aging really just means living. And for that, why should anyone feel anything but gratitude?

Readers of Sparkle On will feel as though they've made a friend and have joined the ranks of the bold, honest women who are aging along with them...aging in gratitude.

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