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'Flawsome'...not a typo!

Flawsome is all about being awesome in spite of or because of, your flaws. Finally...something I can sink my teeth into. Yes, I can get behind something that suggests being awesome WITH flaws! And yet, do I really accept my flaws? Do any of us? Everyday, and I would even say every hour of every day, there are signs of not embracing our flaws. For example, television commercials. I have yet to hear or see one that suggests having wrinkles is ok. In fact, most advertisers are all over the 'reduce the signs of aging' band wagon. Between all of the lotions and potions I can buy, I can also schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to have my face burned and then peeled to help reduce the sign

Have Books Will Travel!

I had signed up for a book fair in Hackensack, Mn way back in early May. My thought was to showcase my new book at what I had heard, was one of the largest art and book shows in the lakes area. I also decided to extend our time in the lakes area and have a mini vacation for my husband and myself. Who knew it was going to be perfect timing for everything! Fast forward to the week before the book fair. Things could not have been more worrisome with regards to a family member struggling with a few medical conditions, stress of having a new book and wanting to develop more marketing strategies and not really understanding how to do that, and finally, knowing I had two more weeks to 'play around'



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