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Not Sleeping?

COVID plus anything might equal 'No Sleep!'

There are so many reasons you may be experiencing problematic sleep. As we age there are changes in our wake and rest cycles. If we do not exercise both mind and body, we can begin to change our brain's understanding of when we need to sleep vs. when we attempt to sleep. This throws off our natural pattern of sleep cycles. 

Stress, changes in health, hormones, worries, changes in eating and drinking habits, loss of loved ones, changes in surroundings, no routines, different routines...and throw in a pandemic...well...all bets are off for many of us getting a good night's sleep every night! 

A few things to consider: 

Get out of bed. Yep. Just do it. Don't lay there when you can't sleep. Get out of the bed. It may seem counterintuitive, but many researchers lots smarter then us will say: Get out of bed when you can't sleep. They will also tell us: Get out of bed in the morning around the same time each day. No loitering. Get dressed. Begin the day.

Jennifer Martin, a psychologist and professor of medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, recommends an app called Insomnia Coach

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This is free and offers evidence-based, self-guided help through tools like sleep diary and trackers.

When all else fails, please do not be afraid to seek help. We all know someone, or are the someone who struggles with sleeping. Your Dr. will be a great resource for you. You might be surprised what is there to help you!

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