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Women's March...January 21, 2017

I participated in the Minnesota's Women's March. I was lucky to share in the experience with my daughter and one of my sons. In reflection of why I participated in this march I realize I did this not as a way to protest, rather as a way to share in support and raise awareness. I am not really the kind of person who shouts, chants or pushes my agenda on others. In fact there was a women carrying a sign that really resonated with me. It read, 'I am not really a sign gal...but geez!' That said it all for me. I really do feel that my participating in this march was a way to share in something bigger than myself and to share in the words of continuing to promote women feeling empowered. Being a w

January, 2017 Newsletter

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The Beginning of 2017...

This will be the year of so many possibilities! In speaking with others it appears that so many of us are hanging our hats, ponchos and scarves on 2017 being THE Year of all things good. I won't argue. I mean why would I poke holes in something that suggests I too, might be able to experience many wonderful things as well? Think about it. Why would any of us decide this IS NOT THE YEAR? So together let's create something so wonderful as many times as we can throughout this year, that when someone asks us way down the road of life what our favorite year was, we can only say but one, that was some year! Bring on the sparkles! Bring on the smiles. Bring on 'The best is yet to come!'



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