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All About  Kim...


I try to live a life of gratitude. It came from the

realization I had lived more than I will.

When I looked over the horizon of life, certain

things became apparent. Be thankful for what you

have. Live your best life. Share what you have learned.

Support others on their journeys. And so... that is exactly what I plan on doing.

I wrote an award-winning book, 'Sparkle On...

Women Aging in Gratitude'. I am a national speaker on the topic of aging and re-imagining life as a woman of a 'certain age.' I hope to bring perspective and offer highlights and experiences using humor and a plethora of stories as ways to tie it all together. I LOVE speaking to groups of people who are interested in learning while acknowledging their own set of skills, experience and existing knowledge.


In early 2020, I ended a 35 year career in the educational field. EEK! I worked as a dean of students. I have to say, I always enjoyed working with teenagers (not a typo!). I truly believe it brought a youthful perspective to my life.  My new adventure awaits! Not being one to wait around, I will always have something I am working on and enjoying. In addition to writing my book and speaking, I started a Facebook Group: 50+ And Fabulous! (, and creating a self-care line of natural body and space care products (see store section on website). It's been a joy ride to follow what brings me joy. 

I currently find joy in presenting to a variety of educators on topics such as Resiliency, Leaning Into Your Strengths and Team Building. I love bringing my experience, coupled with updated new learning to educators. I believe in being a life long learner. 

In addition to loving my experience in education, I love aging (again, not a typo!). It brings so many opportunities along with more learning. However, I believe women do not always have to embrace aging. They can re-think aging. It is an exciting time in life. After all, what is the alternative? If interested in keeping up with events, words of encouragement and all things Gratitude, please sign up for the free e-newsletter.

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Good to

Silly things..

Being a woman of a certain age, I have learned a few things along the way.  

When you get an opportunity to try something new, take it. Nobody ever left this world wishing they hadn't experienced more in life. If there is something you want to do, do it. Make it happen. Take risks. Give it a try.

Always wear underwear that fit. This may mean you might have to purchase a larger size. Wearing underwear that fit can make or break an entire day. There is no shame in wearing granny panties. Be comfortable. Be happy.

Speaking of which, you can never have too much happy. If eating cookies, nachos or kale salad makes you feel happy, then do it. There are no rules about what foods are to be eaten or when. Do what brings joy for yourself. Sing, skip or walk along the path. Pay attention to all those beautiful moments coming your way. Sleep in. Get up early. Mix stripes with circles.  Just do what makes you feel authentically happy. No limits. No pressure.

Things that matter..


That is what matters most.

To have love is to experience life to its fullest. To give love is to give fully of yourself. No strings attached. Nothing expected in return.

So much has been written about love throughout the years. There are songs, books, poems, plays and movies all about love. It truly is what makes the world go round.

To live this life we are given to the fullest, we need to have love in our life. The love of a child. The love of a spouse. The love of a friend. The love of a family member. The love of life. 


That is what matters most.

last thing..

I would be remiss if I didn't say something about Gratitude. This entire adventure begins and ends with Gratitude. I believe that anything, even adversity, can produce something to be grateful for.


Whenever we are put in a position of challenge, testing of faith or even loss; if we look through the lens of Gratitude, we can begin to believe in the possibilities. We see opportunity. We allow ourself the gift of awareness. And we experience Gratitude from something, somewhere or someone we didn't expect.


Gratitude. It's a great place to live from...I promise.

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