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A Message For My Mom

The real reason I celebrate Mother's mom. This day is about taking a minute or two and thinking of all the reasons to be grateful for my mom and for the bonus fact that she is still around. My mom is a survivor. She is one of the few women I know that was able to raise two daughters on barely any income, no college degree and in an era when there were not as many divorces occurring. My mom was a person who persevered in getting ahead and making a way for her daughters to become independent and strong. In many ways my mom lead the way as a single woman forging through unchartered waters. There were times when we went through some troubled, rough waters and other times when we cruised

The Women I Never Called Mom And...Who Still Shaped My Life

As I think of Mother's Day I cannot help but think of those women who I never called mom, but were very instrumental in helping me to become the woman I am today. I was touched at a very early age by my friend Judy's mom, Martha. She was the epitome of who and what I thought a mom was and is. She was kind, but set limits. She was a stay at home mom, yet was more worldly than many. She saw life as something to be lived and something to be present in. I will always give thanks to her for filling a void I sometimes had. She may never know how much her comforting ways filled my soul for days. While Martha's memory may not be as strong as it once was, I will do my best to carry her around in my h

Remembering Someone Who Gave Unconditional Love On Mother's Day

I always called her Grandma Graham. I never knew until I was older that I was calling her by her last name. To me when I said her name it was as if I was saying some of the most loving words I could ever imagine. She was my Great Grandmother. I never knew that either until I was older. It never occurred to me that she was anything but someone who truly loved me to the moon and back...unconditionally. She was my 'Grossmutter' and that was enough. I grew up in a single parent home. It was me, my mom and my sister. Back in that time there were not many divorced families and resources were not as available to low income, single parent households. So we relied on my mom's family; especially Grand

It's Mother's Day All Around Me

This week before Mother's Day seems to be the perfect time to remind all of us of the important role mothers play in our lives. This isn't to say we discount anyone fact, many of us have a variety of moms in all kinds of places. Or memories of moms in all kinds of places. For me, I have three wonderful, grown children now. I simply cannot imagine my life without them. In my 'mom's mind' they are still young, impressionable and filled with wonder at all of the new things they are learning about. I cannot seem to shake the feeling of being a mom means your kids are little and you still take care of them in ways, well in ways only a mom can! But then I look at them all grown up and I



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