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Kim Kane is a professional motivational speaker and leader who speaks on a variety of topics for audiences big and small. It was always her dream to make a positive impact in the lives of others.  She is proud to inspire, motivate 

and challenge people from all different backgrounds.


With a strategic approach combined with humor and story-telling, Kim Kane helps people break through barriers and challenges, overcome doubts and take a large strides towards achieving their goals.

All presentations, trainings and one on one coaching sessions are designed with the individual's and group's specific needs in mind. Her authentic style will create a safe, fun and energizing experience!

Contact Kim to schedule dates, times and determine fees. 

You will not be disappointed!

Kim Kane will help guide you through your transitional times. Her ability to ask thought-provoking questions while remaining sensitive to your personal needs and goals, is a gift to give yourself. Learn more by scheduling
a free phone consult today!
Kim Kane is a talented and skilled facilitator who knows how to get teams inspired. With a focus on facing challenges while identifying opportunities, those participating will be fully engaged throughout. Teams leave with maintainable action steps and a sense of 'we got this!'
Kim Kane will design a presentation and experience to positively impact all who attend. Packed with practical tips, humor,  and useful skills, attendees gain a positive mindset, learn they are not alone, and leave with a sense
of feeling empowered!

How To Get

Your Spark On!

This presentation is designed for those who are asking the questions: What's next, what excites me and how do I use my strengths to move me forward?

How To Get Your Spark On! is filled with thought provoking questions for each audience member who may be looking for a new challenge, entering into a life transition, or perhaps find themselves having to make a life-impacting decision. 

Audience members will leave with information on:

*Tips and strategies for getting our Spark On!

*Use of visioning and effective ways to set our intentions

*How what we believe plays an important role in what happens to us

How To Get Your Spark On! is a perfect keynote or breakout session presentation for Groups, Symposiums, Summits, and Workshops

This presentation can be for 45 minutes - 2 hours.

For more information, please 

Living Life

In Gratitude As We Age

This presentation will have antidotes from everyday life; showcasing even in aging we find joy, laughter and reflection. Topics range from changes in bodies as we age (hello chin hair!), how to focus on strengths and abilities from an aging perspective in a society that markets ‘anti-aging’, and the importance of feeling relevant. The messages are centered on believing it is never too late to be and do what it is you want to!

Audience members will leave with information and action steps relating to:

*Changes we experience as we age are just that…changes. They do not have to be given a value of good or bad.

*It is never too late to fulfill our dreams and goals. The only thing holding us back is ourselves.

*The important role Gratitude plays in everyday life.

Living Life In Gratitude As We Age is a perfect keynote or breakout presentation session for Women's Groups, Symposiums, Summits, and Workshops

This presentation can be for 45 minutes - 2 hours.

For more information, please 


Living Life In Tandem With Gratitude

This presentation captures real life experiences and applies the principles of seeing it all through the lens of gratitude.

Many of us face adversity and struggles...just as we face excitement and joy. Using gratitude as a common denominator, we can create less of what we do not want, and more of what we do!


To help create a life of gratitude, audience members will walk away with:

 *A personal definition of Gratitude


*Examples of ways to stay in Gratitude

*How to carry the message in every day experiences

*A clear sense of not being tied to experiences having to be defined as 'good' or 'bad.' 


Living Life In Tandem With Gratitude is a perfect keynote or breakout presentation session for Groups, Symposiums, Summits, and Workshops

       This presentation is 45 minutes - 2 hours. 

       For more information, please 


Personalized Presentations

Upon Request

If you are interested in a personalized presentation or training, please click on the 'contact' button below and let me know what you are looking for.

I will gladly work with you to create something meaningful and special for your audience.


In gratitude..  

Kim's Keynotes and Presentations

Corporation and Business

Land o' Lakes Corporation                    Hazelden/Betty Ford                               UCLA Hospital

Roseville, MN.                                          Center City, MN                                        Santa Monica, CA

The Riveter                                               POWER 100 Southwest                           Health Partners

Edina, MN                                                 Eden Prairie, MN                                      Minneapolis, MN

Midwest Regional Center                       University of MN                                      WeMN

Minneapolis, MN                                     Minneapolis, MN                                      Minneapolis, MN


North Hennepin                                      Women's Venture                                    Minneapolis

Women's Business                                  Minneapolis, MN                                      Women's Club

Minneapolis, MN                                                                                                         Minneapolis, MN


Women and Networking                        SHIFT Organization                                   Women's Club of

Minneapolis, MN                                     Minneapolis, MN                                       St. Paul

                                                                                                                                        St. Paul, MN 


The General Store                                   Edina Art Center                                       Bloomington

Minnetonka, MN                                     Edina, MN                                                  Women's Org.

                                                                                                                                       Bloomington, MN 


Ridgedale YMCA                                      Women's Business Bridge                      Mound Rotary

Minnetonka, MN                                      Stillwater, MN                                          Mound, MN


City of Minnetonka                                  Women Helping Women                        Wise Ink Publication

Minnetonka, MN                                      Elk River, MN                                            Minneapolis, MN


Excelsior Rotary                                       PEO Women's Group                               PEO Intl.

Excelsior, MN                                           Edina, MN                                                  Eden Prairie, MN


MN Social Worker Assoc.                       City of Inver Grove Heights                     Southdale Hospital

Minneapolis, MN                                     Inver Grove Heights, MN                         Edina, MN


Wayzata Rotary                                        Discovering U!                                          MOPS

Wayzata, MN                                            Minneapolis, MN                                      Eden Prairie, MN


Aging But Dangerous                              Big Brothers/Big Sisters Org.                 St. Phillips Church

Minnetonka, MN                                      Minneapolis, MN                                     Fridley, MN


RidgePointe Sr. Coop                              Cherrywood Pointe Sr. Coop                 Burnsville Rotary

Minnetonka, MN                                      Plymouth, MN                                          Burnsville, MN


Ntl. Assoc. of Church                               DARE National                                         Minneapolis Rotary

Business Admin                                        Las Vegas, NV                                          Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN                                                                                                                                        


Golden Valley Federated                        GFWC Women's Assoc.                           Colonial Church

Women's Club                                          Plymouth, MN                                          Women's Group

Golden Valley, MN                                                                                                      Edina, MN


General Federation                                 FRON Women's Board                           Church of Peace

Women's Club of MN                              Starbuck, MN                                           Women's Foundation

Bloomington, MN                                                                                                       Richfield, MN


Applewood Pointe Coop                        Midwest Regional Police                        Eden Prairie Rotary

Woodbury, MN                                         Officer Assoc.                                          Eden Prairie, MN

                                                                   Bismarck, SD



Kim's Keynotes and Presentations

Educational Agencies

Minneapolis School District.                 Anoka-Hennepin School District.         Chaska School District

Minnepolis, MN                                       Anoka, MN                                               Chaska, MN

Farmington School District                   Lakeville School District                         Appleton College

Farmington, MN                                      Lakeville, MN                                           Appleton, WI

Eden Prairie School District                   Shakopee School District.                     Burlington School District

Eden Prairie, MN                                     Shakopee, MN                                         Burlington, VT


St. Paul School District                           Lakeville School District                         Waco School District

St. Paul, MN                                             Lakeville, MN                                           Waco, TX


San Diego School District                      West Palm Beach School District         Chicago United School Dist.

San Diego, CA                                          West Palm Beach, FL                              Chicago, IL


The Blake Schools                                   Breck Schools                                         Staple School District

St. Louis Park, MN                                  Golden Valley, MN                                   Staple, MN


Duluth School District                            Aruba International School                   Bronx Public Schools

Duluth, MN                                              Aruba                                                        Bronx, NY


St. Charles Parish Public Schools         Barnstable Public School District.        Carver-Scott Cooperative

Luling, LA                                                  Barnstable, MA                                       Chaska, MN 


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