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Biopsy? Wait, what did you say?

Something comes over me when I am at the Dr.’s office. I am mostly a very capable and smart woman; except when at the Dr.’s office. And especially when I am less than fully dressed. I went to the Dermatologist’s office to get my lip checked. I had an area frozen off as it looked ‘suspicious’. All I could think of is if I have to have part of my lip removed due to skin cancer, I would have to figure out how to still wear lipstick. While waiting for the Dr. to come in the nurse said that it was time for my full body skin scan and the Dr. was recommending it. I had approximately 8 seconds to decide if I should do this as this Dr. came in right away and said she would be doing the full body chec

Sweaty Betty...and other things that shine!

It is damn hot outside today. I am guessing it is well over 100 and added dew point must have it at over 200 degrees...or so. No matter the temperature, it is hot, and I am not a hot weather kind of gal. I sweat and and I swear lots more when it gets like this. None the less, I have also experienced some truly beautiful and small life enhancing experiences today. I had lunch with a women, named Deb, whom I met only once before. Even with one other time together, I felt that I knew her soul. Not in any weird way associated with saying these words, but more in a way that suggests I am comfortable with her, and became that way right after meeting her. She lives in a beautiful older home and in



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