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What's Been Happening...

What's Been Happening...

Independent Publisher Book Award Winner 2019

Bronze Medal Winner in

'Women's Issues'


Keynote for Stillwater Women's Business Bridge

Excerpt from The Stillwater WBB Facebook Page

The Women's Business Bridge February meeting this morning was JAM packed!  
🌟82 Rockstar women in business in one room!🌟

"Everything you could ever want is in this room!" - Kim Kane
Living Life in Tandem With Gratitude - Kim is a phenomenal speaker who had us crying and laughing and reminded us of the importance of Gratitude and "this really cool thing we have going on with life!" Kim is a must hear!  
#WBB #ConnectLearnGrow #WomeninBusiness#Networking #GSChamberCheckIn#WomensBusinessBridge — feeling grateful at Water Street Inn.

Featured Writer for Natural Awakenings Healthy Living Magazine

Excerpt from Natural Awakenings article: Authentic Living - Kim Kane

The truth is by living our best life, we mirror we do believe in what matters most. By this very act we create space for others to do the same.


Living our best life helps us to stay focused. We are given clarity in deciding what we need in order to move forward...

...So in the end, authentic living is not about moving mountains. It is about all the small everyday moments of being kind, being authentic and living a life of gratitude.


To send the message: 'It all matters', we need to act as if it does.

Featured Guest on Jasmine Stringer's Podcast: Carpe Diem

Listen as Jasmine asks the questions we have all been wondering: What happens to us as we age? To our bodies? Memory and health? What about sex? Is it still happening?


Jasmine and Kim address these and many other fun, interesting topics as they discuss: 

Sparkling at Any Age!

Proud Moment:

Being Recognized By Favorite Local Store: The General Store of Minnetonka

When I was able to get my book into The General Store of Minnetonka, I thought I would burst with unbelievable excitement. have my book be one of the best sellers is like a dream really coming true!

I will be forever grateful to this store for taking a chance with my book, and, in doing so, helped to create a win-win for both of us!

Visit The General Store of Minnetonka today!

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 9.02.29 PM.png

Featured Guest On KARE 11 Local News 

What a great honor and delight to be featured on KARE 11 afternoon news. 

I was interviewed on the launch of my book: Sparkle On...Women Aging in Gratitude by local television favorite, Pat Evans. 

Loved my shirt...several "What was I thinking?' questions about the pants I wore after watching the video afterwards!


Thank you to Pat Evans for making this interview feel comfortable and for taking the time to help a girl feel special.


In gratitude... 

Keynote Speaker

Eden Prairie Rotary Club

I had a wonderful experience speaking in the ballroom at the Bear Path Country Club for the Eden Prairie Rotary Club.


What an inspirational group of people committed to empowering all to make a positive difference in their community. 


I was honored to be their Keynote Speaker for the June 20, EP Rotary meeting on Living Life in Gratitude.

Special shout-out to my "Sparkle Squad" of Lindsey Kane and TJ Henderson! Could not have done it with out you!

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Guest Speaker:

GFWC International

Honored to have been a guest speaker at the GFWC International Convention held in Bloomington, MN.

What a joy to spend time with smart, strong and giving women. My heart was touched over and over.

When women come together, GREAT things happen!

Feature Article:

Eden Prairie Sun Current

EPHS dean of students pens book celebrating aging experiences of over 200 women over 50.

...All that culminated in her new book: Sparkle On...Women Aging in Gratitude. Centered on the positive benefits of aging... (excerpts from article)

This was my first newspaper article about my book. While there have been several other articles written, there is always something about your first!

First Book Reading!

First book reading at a Writer's Read event held at 

The Coffeeshop in Northeast.

Perfect night spent with good friend, Judy, who also doubled as my media specialist and on-site PR person!

Good news: Audience laughed at all the right places!


This Is Where It All Began...

(S)he-ro Women's Gatherings

One of the goals I had in writing this book on women and aging was to interview approximately 200 women, aged 45 and above from as many walks of life and backgrounds as possible. As a result, I have had the pleasure of meeting many beautiful, kind, and diverse women 'of a certain age', who have become my she-ro and mentor. What  wonderful collective voices of wisdom I heard from all of these women.  

My desire in interviewing these women was to capture some of their words and experiences and inter-weave those things into the various stories within my book.

What happened was magical. I was allowed into the inside world of these women and I felt a great sense of privilege and gratefulness as they shared their stories with me about life as they age. I will forever be touched in a way that cannot be described.

Never under estimate the power of women! Sparkle on...

in great gratitude...


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