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I Really Am Pro-Aging! No Really...

If you know me you know that I am all about pro-aging and all things good about getting older. But here is something I am not so good with: body aches and pain. I mean I never was good with this, but lately I have noticed a few more aches and pains than not.

I am starting to make that noise you remember uncle Edgar made when getting out of chair. Or aunt Mary and her hand on her side and back as she catches her breath from, oh maybe just walking over to you! There are days when I feel very old and not in a good with age comes wisdom way.

I have a weird giddy-up to my leg meets bum area on both sides. My joints seem to be unsatisfied more with certain movement or lack thereof. It's that kind of pain where you are in a car and no matter what you do NOTHING breaks it. You can move this way or to the next...even sit on something like your purse to relive some of the pressure, but nothing works. Once out of the car, boom...everything is fine...until it is not...or until I have to sit for a prolong period of time again...UGH!

I mean I get it, aging is a gift not everyone is given. But I do have to wonder why it is after all this time of not having time, and when I finally do, I am spending that time with bum-related injuries vs. whatever else it is I would be doing? I mean is that really a gift? It is. And, I really do believe that.

So as I close this blog post, I am reminded all things are going well and I am lucky. I have wrinkles and unexpected tinkles....but I also have love, joy and an expectation for a quite lovely continued life...Aspercream and all!


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