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Give Me Relief Please!

I live in Minnesota. I have lived through many summers that are heralded as the Hottest summer of all times. I have sweated out my weight times 3 (of course never enough at one time to make a difference in waistband pants), and sat directly in front of a fan or air conditioner. However, I have never experienced the mix of weather conditions as we are having this year, EVER!

To say I have been hot is an understatement. I already suffer from on, off and unpredictable hot flashes as it is. And to add to the mix, we are legit experiencing some of the hottest weather conditions...ever...and this time it really has been HOT! Over 90 degrees for almost a month, with a dew point up into the 70's some days!!! This is what tropical states/countries experience and one of the primary reasons I do not go to any of those places on vacation. I am definitely complaining and I am definitely owning this behavior without any shame. And now to make this all even more complainable... we are dealing with smoke filled air from forest fires from Canada (I love you and praying for you Canada, but sheesh!) and finding its way by wafting into the air stream straight to my house. Then once at my house it circulates around and around and creates unnecessary roughness in my lungs and nose! I am wheezing, coughing and walking the dog like a person under clear respiratory distress! Ok, maybe I digress. Or exaggerate. But hear me out....

I am not a summer lover and most people know this about me. I know other people frolic around in the summer, ride bikes, enjoy sitting outside in the sun, swim or even, God forbid, play a sport outside. But not me. I sweat. I am uncomfortable from every little crevice of my body. Beginning with my head and ending with sweaty feet. And I don't think if I lost weight I would even feel better, but a sleeveless shirt might help a little. I don't know, I'll have to ask my friends who wear sleeveless shirts. I can't stand all the jiggling going on when I wear one. Meantime the truth is out: I go dormant in the summer and bloom in the fall...or when temps are hovering around 70 with low dew points. Oh and a breeze. Wait, and at night the temps dip into the 50's. I think I got it all. But to emphasize the point, I am able to wear a sweatshirt all day...and without sweating. Ok, now this seems like I have painted a good picture of what I like seasonally. BTW...I can't wait for Fall!

To be clear, I have purchased helpful items for reducing heat as it blasts against my body. I have these cute little things you tape under your breasts and once they hit your skin they become cool and offer relief until they go to a liquid inside the packaging they come in. For me, two minutes was my top amount of time it worked. I also got a rash underneath said breasts from the packaging. I have worn hats with mini fans inserted in the brim. I am not that vain, but might as well have added to the hat two straws for me to drink from two beer cans while you're at it. I have brought paper fans, chewed on ice and drank more water than necessary at outdoor gatherings. NOTHING seems to work...until NOW!!!! I finally found a personal fan to wear that has worked! I put it to the test by walking the dog during the heat wave and a warning for very, very poor air quality. Guess what? I was cool for the entire walk! The breeze created from the fan seemed to clear the smoke smell I have been inhaling by the gallons, and created a breeze that actually blew my hair back from my face. Whaaaat??!! This fan is EVERYTHING to me! I feel absolutely confident recommending this fan and truly believe if you purchase one, you too will be satisfied. If interested, click here for more information (affiliate link).

Meantime, I am not rushing outside to join in any games or honestly, just be outside. But I will continue to walk the dog (slow and steady wins the race), and check the mail. I will continue to yearn for Fall cool, crisp days. However, I am ready should I be invited to something outside or have to be outside for other reasons not already listed, as I will be wearing my new fan proudly and enjoying the look of my hair being blown from my face. Eat your heart out Christy Brinkley


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