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What Happened To My Eyebrows?

Seriously...I feel like there is an eraser being used while I sleep to remove my eyebrows! I wake up and when getting ready for the day, I notice I hardly have any eyebrows left! I have tried using powder to enhance them. I have used eyebrow drawing pencils in the hopes of 'drawing in' my eyebrows...what a mistake! I have left my home looking very similar to the clown known as 'Howdy Doody' and not in a good way; which really would this comparison ever be in a good way? I have blond, slightly curly eyebrows. Not that you ever want curly to be used to describe your eyebrows...ever. It just seems that mine have become not only thinner but also now seem to curl around and do not lay flat; even with vaseline on them. What the hell is happening???

I asked around. I am not alone.

It appears that when we reach a 'certain age' many of us start to experience unruliness in many of our assorted body hair. If it's not the changing of the hair we were born with becoming gray, it might be the new possibly curly, possibly straight, ear and nose hair. This also includes the ever non-popular face hair. Don't even get me started with the frequency of needing to shave now! And finally, to the eyebrows.

I heard from many friends, names with-held, about their 'new' eyebrows. Many talked of thinning and many spoke of the oddness of how this hair was now growing in. Many don't care. Many have tried remedies such as dying the hairs that are left, having permanent tattooed eyebrows made, and some have used something called micro-blading...which when explained to me, sounds scary and uncomfortable. So now what?

For now I will pluck, cut down and use brow wax. But the best remedy I have found: Wear my glasses. The frame slightly covers my eyebrows. If you have to look the next time we see each other...please don't look when I see you doing it. It will be awkward for both of us.

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