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Buffets and Ponchos

My husband and I had a fun evening planned. It involved seeing one of our favorite comedians at a casino. This naturally would include going to the ‘All You Can Eat’ buffet; with a very well lit light sign featuring 'Prime Rib and Sauces!'.


Except it became very clear I have some interesting observations of myself when at a buffet. Somewhat similar to shopping at Costco. I feel the need to over indulge and grab something from every station…in case they run out…or decide not to serve it anymore. Just in case.

For example, at what other time do we feel comfortable bringing two plates filled with food to the table? Or what other dining experiences include plates being removed after completing the food on them more or less, and you are able to receive another clean plate (as if to hide the fact, yes, you did just eat full plate right before this?). It is almost as if you are getting a ‘do-over’ for eating. Only deep down I know I am not. I know none of the calories consumed will go away so I can have a do-over. However, I find myself acclimating to the expected routine: Stack up your plates and place them on the outside of the table for pickup. And if they are not picked up within a few minutes, well they better be gone by the time I get back with my ‘new’ plate. I mean no one wants the evidence of what you already ate displayed as you bring your next round of food to the table, right?

Another observation: I never eat Chinese food mixed with Tex Mex, mixed with a turkey dinner as a meal all together. Never. In fact, I am lucky to have a quarter of one of those meals prepared at home for a meal much less a full entrée of each category! And do they really go together? Ever? And yet there I was eating an egg roll, with a rib, dipped in gravy and potatoes from the turkey dinner. Even as I write this I am not happy about this, nor can I remember why I thought this would be good idea at that time.

It is that thing that happens to us when we are in a place of ‘too much. Too much stuff. Too much food. It's too much! I need limits! True confessions...I have been in a position at Costco of placing 25 apples in my cart for only 3 people at home, with 2/3 preferring bananas over apples anyway. As I placed the apples in the cart I was thinking I will be making apple crisp, apple tarts all served in a beautiful plate with a clear cover over them. And what about having sliced apples available to snack on during the day? Wonderful and healthy! Of course, this never happens. Never. No wonder we have so many deer in the backyard eating, dare I say, apples. I have also tossed 24 muffins in my cart. This is due to not being able to purchase anything smaller. I blame Costco. I have justified the purchase of these muffins as a way to have a quick breakfast grab and of course, “I can freeze them for later” lie I tell myself. And who doesn’t need 20 pounds of potatoes? Because you never know. Same goes for socks in packs of 12 or the necessity of purchasing 6 pairs of cheater glasses in a package you will bleed from when trying to open.

I digress.

So I am now convinced I have succumbed to some false creation of believing in the possibility of scarcity; because you never know. Well, I do know. That is the problem. And yet there I was stacking my plate(s) to the side of the table making room for my clean plate wishing the server would please take those 'other' plates away. I mean honestly who has room with all these plates...and please pass the salt.

What is my takeaway: Thank goodness for ponchos. Thank goodness I wore one to the buffet.

I think selling ponchos in a gift shop close to a buffet might make sense. I bet Costco sells a package of 5 for this very reason. And I am throwing in a bag of apples. I need to at least give the illusion of healthy and the deer.

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