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Sweaty Betty...and other things that shine!

It is damn hot outside today. I am guessing it is well over 100 and added dew point must have it at over 200 degrees...or so. No matter the temperature, it is hot, and I am not a hot weather kind of gal. I sweat and and I swear lots more when it gets like this. None the less, I have also experienced some truly beautiful and small life enhancing experiences today.

I had lunch with a women, named Deb, whom I met only once before. Even with one other time together, I felt that I knew her soul. Not in any weird way associated with saying these words, but more in a way that suggests I am comfortable with her, and became that way right after meeting her. She lives in a beautiful older home and in her 'backyard' is a refurbished yellow barn. Along side the barn is a pool that is connected to a stone arched outdoor room, perfect for dining or sitting around the beautiful stone fireplace. There are beautiful flowers and succulents placed strategically to give the illusion it is all perfectly strewn about and where the flower landed is simply perfect. To be there gives you a sense of peace and 'it's ok to relax now' feeling. Deb matches this space perfectly. In fact it feels as if it is a part of her...which I am sure she would agree with me saying that.

I needed that today. I needed to meet with someone who is able to be peaceful and unassuming. I needed to be in a place that says relax simply by walking toward it. Yes, I sweated most of the time we ate outside, and even commented I felt like a 'Sweaty Betty', but there was something so magical about being there that I didn't care...and believe me when I say, I usually care!

We are planning a women retreat day in the fall at her barn. I already know it will be wonderful. I already know it will be just perfect. It is the barn and all the cool, magical vibes around it that will make it so, and Deb. I left the barn and I noticed a little bit of it was infused in me. I left feeling happy, peaceful and excited for what was to come. I actually cared a little less about the heat.

I write about this because I want to remind myself that even in times of certain uncomfortableness for me (sweating, being too hot), I can still see things that shine and bring all that is good with it...if I pay attention.

I will still have experiences that will be uncomfortable. What I need to remember is it will not always be just my face that shines...there are many wonderful and shiny people, places and things that will bring great joy. Really, I just need to pay attention.

So I am off to refresh and place new batteries in my fan that I wear around my neck (yep, I sure do). I will also take some time to reflect on what a great a day it has already spite of the damn hot day outside! In gratitude....

The beautiful Yellow Barn!

Lunch in the stone arched outdoor room

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