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Women's March...January 21, 2017

I participated in the Minnesota's Women's March. I was lucky to share in the experience with my daughter and one of my sons. In reflection of why I participated in this march I realize I did this not as a way to protest, rather as a way to share in support and raise awareness.

I am not really the kind of person who shouts, chants or pushes my agenda on others. In fact there was a women carrying a sign that really resonated with me. It read, 'I am not really a sign gal...but geez!' That said it all for me. I really do feel that my participating in this march was a way to share in something bigger than myself and to share in the words of continuing to promote women feeling empowered.

Being a women of a 'certain age' I really see the importance of helping other women, and myself, to continue to feel relevant. As I enter into an age group where we have lived more than we will, it becomes even more important to promote the belief that even as we age we still have so much more to offer. So much more to add to the conversation about what is needed, how things can be done and where to head to next. In fact, aging allows us to offer the wisdom of having seen the history of the way things were and help in navigating where to go next.

So I marched hoping I would be able to say 'yes' when asked if I did, and to be able to answer the question of: 'Why' by saying " I was there to represent those who could not, would not and for those who feel silenced, no matter what side of politics you land on. Because for all of us who stand up, there are those who fall. And I want to be there for both.

So march matter what your cause or drum beat is. Have fun, wear a pair of Angel wings, wave a flag or simply offer a hand to someone who needs matter your choice....always Sparkle On!

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