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5 Reasons I Feel Gratitude

Of course I want to begin with how grateful I am for my expanding family (yay grand babies), friends, my home, and having the opportunity to experience life with little to no adversarial concerns (minus the crumbling chimney we currently have or the deck I won't let people lean on due to concerns of rotting wood and the increased possibility of falling...clearly I digress here). But that isn't what this post will be about. It is about being honest with myself about where I have been; where I am going and how I will get there.

It's all in the honesty.

I am currently reading the book written by Oprah and Dr. Perry, "What Happened To You?".

Back to Honesty and Gratitude.

I love asking other people questions. I love learning and guiding people as they navigate through a transitional time in their life. However, it becomes uncomfortable when the tables are turned and I am being asked the guiding questions. Not always steady on my feet when I answer or attempt to answer personal stuff. But that is where the work really is. The changes really comes from. And as always, as long as I am honest.

It has taken me awhile, but I think I have figured out how I can feel the most gratitude.

It comes from these 5 questions and how I honestly answer them:

  1. Am I wasting precious time doing things I don't want to do?

  2. Have I said yes to something when I didn't want to; and if so, why?

  3. Am I placing myself as number one and a priority with health, wellness and experiences?

  4. Do I set aside time to accomplish things important to me?

  5. Have I given my truth in ways that were understandable and self preserving?

These questions help me to guide myself as I navigate my transitions, and the answers keep me honest in being true to myself in healthy ways.

Do I have it all figured out? No. Do I practice this in every single area of my life? No. But....

I have figured out to live a life in gratitude it does take effort. And if I do not have my insides set right, then whatever I experience on the outside will never be fully appreciated. Wanna live in Gratitude Be honest in how you live. Represent how you want others to treat you by how you treat them. Notice the small stuff as much as you notice the big stuff. And lastly, "Be an Observer; not an Absorber." You have enough going on without taking on others stuff too! Or as someone once said to me: "I have enough crap at home."
In Gratitude...


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