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So grateful you found this site. 

The intention of this website is to create a place of community for women.
There will be information, silly and thought provoking stories, inspiring words and all things sparkly.
This website is dedicated to re-framing beliefs that have unfairly defined
women, aging, being in transitions and leadership.
There are over fifty million women over fifty years old in the United States alone. That means on any given day there are quite a few of us looking for where we parked our car...and I want them to know they are not alone.
Yes, many of us have lived more than we will, but let's make the time we have left the very best it can be. We don't have to embrace aging,
we can re-imagine it! 
When we look at life through the lens of gratitude our perspective changes. 
Our life changes.
Looking forward to being on this crazy, fun and inspiring ride with you.
In gratitude...

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Kim's Mission Statement...

My purpose is clear. I empower women. I want ALL women to see the possibilities of re-imagining themselves and embracing the changes of

bodies, lives and dreams.

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