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'Flawsome'...not a typo!

Flawsome is all about being awesome in spite of or because of, your flaws. Finally...something I can sink my teeth into. Yes, I can get behind something that suggests being awesome WITH flaws! And yet, do I really accept my flaws? Do any of us?

Everyday, and I would even say every hour of every day, there are signs of not embracing our flaws. For example, television commercials. I have yet to hear or see one that suggests having wrinkles is ok. In fact, most advertisers are all over the 'reduce the signs of aging' band wagon. Between all of the lotions and potions I can buy, I can also schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to have my face burned and then peeled to help reduce the signs of aging. I can also inject a material that when I was younger was told to be careful of, called Botulism, and is now re-packaged to be widely known as 'Botox'. It is a huge mind shift for me to think about injecting something into my body I was told earlier would kill me. Who thought to start using that as a wrinkle reducer? I mean, how did this first conversation even begin?

I digress...No, our society does not allow for aging to be embraced. In fact, the clothing industry stops using models once they hit the ripe old age of 30. Don't even get me started about the clothing options for a woman over 50. It seems the demographics for unveiling the new fall fashions rely on a steady age group of 11 year olds through 25 year olds. Or at least that appears to be the trend. I cannot be absolutely sure as I never, ever entirely fit the body type of any fashion designs revealed. I did give skinny jeans a try. But I think the word 'skinny' really gives you the idea of why I do not wear them anymore. Moving on.

I really do appreciate the concept of being awesome with all of my flaws. I think that would suggest that having them, and we all have them, is actually what makes us all our own cool selves. Even saying the word flaw makes one think there is a negative connotation. I think it is due to the way in which we use that I am hoping to change that. At least with myself.

In true confession, I have been known to try a product or two that claims to be age defying...or even secretly looked at the price of a chin suction procedure. In the end it becomes all about how I feel about me. Me, including the extra chin(s) or wrinkles around the face, hands and lately my knees, in all of my imperfections and flaws.

So I have decided to use the word Flawsome more often. I want that word to represent we have no perfect definition of perfect....because it doesn't exist. Each of us bring special qualities, looks, style, thoughts and beliefs wherever we go. And isn't that what makes this world, us, and everything around us, awesome?

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