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Lights, Camera, Action!

I have honestly enjoyed seeing the success of my book Sparkle has been such a joy to see something I am so passionate about, catch on for others. Part of the 'catching on' comes from being able to have publicity, and I was fortunate enough to have news anchor, Pat Evans of KARE 11, interview me and promote the book along with the June 29 Women's Workshop day at the Arboretum in Minnesota, on his afternoon news show.

Something to know about me is I would rather have pink eye than promote myself, thus, my greatest appreciation to Pat Evans for allowing me to feel comfortable doing some promotion!

I also want to give a shout out to my 'Sparkle Squad' member (and daughter), Lindsey, for always being with me during some of the most awkward situations. By awkward I mean practicing in the car what to say during the interview because first, we are about 30 minutes too early, and secondly, because I have the worst nervous energy and need to get out the most 'stupid' stuff I might say beforehand! Suffice it to say we laugh a lot. Mostly at ourselves. Mostly at inappropriate times.

Me and Pat of the nicest guys ever!

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