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A Message For My Mom

The real reason I celebrate Mother's mom. This day is about taking a minute or two and thinking of all the reasons to be grateful for my mom and for the bonus fact that she is still around.

My mom is a survivor. She is one of the few women I know that was able to raise two daughters on barely any income, no college degree and in an era when there were not as many divorces occurring. My mom was a person who persevered in getting ahead and making a way for her daughters to become independent and strong. In many ways my mom lead the way as a single woman forging through unchartered waters. There were times when we went through some troubled, rough waters and other times when we cruised lazily down calm, drifting waters. No matter what we experienced, we knew we would get somewhere and we would have learned something.

Of course growing up I did not pay attention to what I was being taught. I saw our situation as a battle and something to get out of. What I now take away from our family experiences and the way my mom raise me, is that no matter what comes your way, you can get through it. The other thing I take away is how often people will help each other...and how important it is to allow others to help. My mom could be stubborn, wanting to do it alone. But she also found ways to accept help and always made sure to offer her help when she could. Without realizing it, I was being taught the importance of giving of ourself and to accept help is a gift in amy ways as well. I enjoy doing both and hope I have taught my own children the same.

I see traditions come out of me that started with my mom. Decorating for the holidays, making time for friends, laughing inappropriately, working hard and my love for hot dishes! She taught me the importance of keeping family first and to mean what you say and say what you mean.

As my mom ages (and so do I), I see in her a sense of slowing down, a re-directing of energies. I watch as she watches my children, her grandchildren and I imagine sees in them what she remembers from when we were their ages. My mom remains beautiful and ageless. And while she is slowing down her desire to love and be loved continues to grow. As does her smile.

I think I have my mom's eyes and I am pretty sure her nose. We laugh at some of the same things and we enjoy a nicely wrapped gift.

So to my mom I say Happy Mother's Day...and thank you for you, my nicely wrapped gift!

With great love, Kim

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