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Fall Is The Place I Love

There are no words that fully describe the season of Fall. It is the kind of beauty that occurs with such glory that to describe it challenges me to find the right words. The words I can find is that I love this time of year.

I find that summer tends to have me in a hibernating feeling. I hate the heat, I hate the humidity and I really cannot stand to sweat so much I change undergarment at least twice daily. I know that most people would say they love summer and so much ahs been written about the beauty and the awesomeness of the beautiful summer breeze and sky. But for me, I wait until Fall before I can gush.

It is in the way the leaves begin to explode in a glorious variety of colors so bold it takes your breath away. It is in the way the cool breezes allow for those leaves to dance along the streets and pathways through the forest. It is in the way that I can wear my favorite sweater and pair of boots with my favorite pair of jeans. And it is in the way I feel a comforting sense of peace. The picture I selected to accompany this blog entry is of a cemetery that I went on a tour with one of my sons and my daughter. When I was there I felt a great appreciation for history, the stories told of days gone by, and the incredible feeling of calm. I realized by being on the tour that this feeling I have is something that truly brings me peace. Trees of all colors swirling about and beautiful backdrops of water with reflections casting a lingering glow.

It happens every year and every year I feel grateful.

I know that for me just being outside fills my soul with peace and a sense that soon it will be time to mimic the seasons and hunker down for the winter months. But before I do that, I want to do exactly what Fall is doing...shining brightly and dancing and enjoying all that is around me.

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