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Polka Dots and Stripes Together?

Would you ever wear them together? Use them together in decorating? Do you prefer one over the other? Not really important questions, but gets one to think about preferences in a silly way.

Truth be told, I typically do not think to wear polka dots and stripes together. In fact, I am pretty sure I have gathered information along the way that they do not go together, thus one should not mix and match them. So most of my younger days have never included having to decide how I would answer these questions. They were already answered for me.

And now? Now I am about mixing and matching. I am trying to live my life in a way that matters most to me. I am interested in living a life not only by its length, but also its width. Which brings me randomly to, I like color. If the colors come in both polka dots and stripes, all the better to bring them together. I like how things feel and make me feel, not how they will be judged.

I like mixing things up these days. I like taking risks and seeing where path leads me. I have never been one to like perfect angles or straightened pillows. I like things lived in and comfortable. I try to be that in a person as well. No perfect angles and definitely lived in!

Becoming a woman of a certain age I find that I am lucky to not care as much as I once used to. In fact, I find it quite liberating. It helps to find my own voice. My own opinions and my own way. That isn't to say I don't need help from others...It's just that I get to decide when and if I do.

So I am not sure when I will be wearing stripes and polka dots in the near future, but when I do, it will just be a normal day.

Here's to wishing you all kinds of things to mix and match...have and live life's width as well!

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