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The Book

This book is filled with ordinary stories creating extraordinary lessons.  You will find yourself laughing out loud while looking for tissues to wipe away your tears.

Sparkle On... is a wonderful gift for yourself, your sisters, friends and anyone else relating to the aging process.

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So grateful you found this site

The intention of this website is to create a place of community for women of a 'certain age.'
There will be information, silly and thought provoking stories, inspiring words and all things sparkly.
This website is dedicated to re-framing beliefs that have unfairly defined women, aging, being in transitions and leadership.
You will find resources, blog posts reflecting experiences of aging, information on services and products I provide, links to podcasts and multiple learning opportunities. All centered on positive aging
Yes, many of us have lived more than we will, but let's make the time we have left the very best it can be. We don't have to embrace aging, we can re-imagine it! 
'When we look at life through the lens of gratitude our perspective changes. Our life changes.'
In gratitude...
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Kim's Mission Statement...

My purpose is clear.

I empower women. 

I want ALL women to see the possibilities of

re-imagining themselves & embracing the changes of bodies, lives and dreams.

Sparkle On...
Women Aging In Gratitude

This book is written with YOU, the aging and fabulous woman, in mind.


Each chapter highlights the gifts, joys and questions we have as we age. Ordinary experiences are taken, given a story, both humorous and tender-hearted, and shaped to create extraordinary life lessons.  


Topics include:

  • changes in bodies as we age (hello chin hair)

  • how to focus on the strengths and abilities that come with aging (superpowers anyone?)

  • and the importance of prioritizing feeling relevant 

We are NOT ALONE as we age.

Sparkle On is a book to read and share with others. It makes a great gift for friends, family members or book club members.

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The Podcast

Oatmeal, Pearls and Bourbon is a podcast designed for women of a certain age.


Each podcast addresses selected topics which intersect with aging (hello chin hair!), by interviewing other women, delving into research and putting gathered information to the ‘every day living’ test. In all podcasts, we seek to find healthy living, pearls of wisdom and ways to give a toast to life. In the end, we just want to know we are not alone and find ways to have a few giggles along the way!


Kim Kane is a professional motivational speaker and facilitator who speaks on a variety of topics for audiences big and small. She is dedicated to inspire, motivate 

and challenge using her acquired years of experience and knowledge.


With a strategic approach combined with humor and story-telling, Kim helps others break through barriers and challenges, overcome doubts and take a large stride towards achieving their goals.

Her authentic style will create a safe, fun and energizing experience!

50+ &  Fabulous

A Connecting Community Space for women age 50+ experiencing transitional times in Career, Family, Body, Interests and Beliefs.


In this community space you will find connection to other fabulous women aged 50+ sharing wisdom gained with aging.  This Facebook Group includes free access to informational and relevant resources, along with personal 'call to action' mini-challenges!


There are over fifty million women aged 50+ years old. That means on any given day there are quite a few of us looking for where we parked our car...and we want to know we are not alone


Kim Kane is a transitional coach who will help guide you through your transitional times. Whether it is changes in career, health, family, body, interests or beliefs, her ability to ask thought-provoking questions and work with you to set attainable and intentional goals, all while remaining sensitive to your personal needs.


Working with Kim is a gift to give yourself! Learn more by scheduling a free 30-minute consult with Kim today. 

Download Your FREE Celebrate YOU! Workbook

Get in Touch

My Services and Promise

I would love to visit more with you about the services I offer. I believe strongly in providing heart-felt and integrity-filled service and products. Whether it is me speaking to your group, large or small, or providing a book club chat or even a personal coaching session, I will always be someone you can count on and trust. I continue to believe when we lift one, we lift all. It is what makes living in gratitude easier. xo

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