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Available May 3.


This gratitude journal is a great compliment to the book Sparkle On or simply by itself. For at least thirty days pay attention to all the good that is happening around you and record it.  See how when you pay attention wonderful things do occur. Sometimes without warning, and sometimes even in the middle of something that is breaking our heart, we can find a reason to be grateful. We have to be willing to see it. To experience it. To give thanks for it. The gift we receive is in Living Life in Tandem With Gratitude. Living this way changes everything.

There are words provided for you to help get you thinking about how you might have experienced that particular day; or, you can use the words to simply guide your thoughts. The sky is the limit for being grateful. It is all up to you.

So have at it...get started and Sparkle On...

Gratitude Journal (30 day, beautifully designed personal journal)

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