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We have become pretty good at noticing when other's zippers are down. This year has really tainted many of us. Rightly so, in many ways.


Well...what if we put that energy into noticing when zippers are up?

Of course not literally.  But kind of. Just like you might tell someone your zipper is down (xyz pdq: examine your zipper-pretty darn quick), tell them when you notice something they did good or act or look (love your sweater!). And what about your zipper? Is it up? Are you contributing to the good going on? Are you being your best self in creating good spaces and places?


How about we simply notice when others, and ourselves, are doing something wonderfully marvelous and spectacular! We need to change the wave of negativity and always saying what isn't working. Why? Because so much good IS happening!!! Really it is...

So during the month of November pay attention to all the good happening around you. Notice when you do something good how ridiculously great you feel. Let the serotonin (the good vibe stuff) flow generously through your body. 

This project will work to highlight all the coolio things going on by posting shout outs, pictures, stories and real people videos.

We know...this is soooo exciting. 

Watch for more information to come.

We want to get it on all the good vibes too.

Can't wait to see where this takes us!

In gratitude....

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