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Glimmers and Shimmers of Joy, Oh My! Looking for the perfect gift to send someone on a special day? Mother's Day...Birthday...You're Special, Special Day? This is it! With this beautifully packaged gift your special someone will receive a Sparkle On Book, Glimmers of Gratitude Personal Workbook, Ribbed, Glass Mug, Boho Mug Macrame Coaster, Chamomile Tea, Small Honey Jar with Sweet Honey Spreader, Note Cards/Envelopes, Three Pretty in Pink Packaged Shower Steamers with Wooden Shower Steamer Holder. And excitedly, your awesome person will receive a 'Special Glimmer of Gratitude' enclosed in gift package!

** For reduced fee, Included with gift package is monthly Glimmers of Gratitude for 12 months. (see individual product listing).

Glimmers of Gratitude Gift Package

  • Add a special touch to gift package or on its own...a beautifully written Glimmer of Gratitude message will be sent to your special someone monthly for 12 months. You will have a chance to personalize each monthly Glimmer of Gratitude message or one will be generated for you. It's easy. It's fun...and it means so much to the person receiving. 

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