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let's add a little spark to our life

Whenever I think about being grateful, I realize that my motivation or declaration doesn't always come from within. Often times I am deeply moved by what others have said or done.

This section is devoted to all of those things that bring me to a place of gratitude. I wanted to share a few in the hopes of creating even more gratitude for even more people.

I really believe that if more of us came together in a way that gives thanks to each other and to see the good in each other, this world would be a most remarkable place!

Until then, let's do what we can individually to carry the message of living in a place of gratitude.

Making Resolutions Work

Below is a calendar to use as a guide for making the changes you would like to see for the new year. Changes do not always mean we overhaul everything in our life...only those things we would like to see happen to better ourself. Making changes is not about being abrupt. Rather, it is about infusing changes with existing behaviors, rituals and routines. Being comfortable with adding new behaviors often includes hanging on to a few of the old ones. Change will happen...only if you want it to.


Here's to 2018. May this year represent who we really are.

Need a little calm? Try Hygge!

Finding our calm can sometimes be a hard task. One thing that can help is to create the environment around you to help motivate you to create your calm...both on the inside and outside. 

There is an old, but seemingly new, idea for helping us to create our calm. It is called Hygge. It is pronounced Who-ga. 

Creating space that helps us to feel serene and comfy is what this term is all about. It encompasses not only how we decorate our home, but also what we bring into it. Its the people, the food, the lighting and the intent. All put together in a way that speaks to feeling and being calm. Being peaceful. Being mindful.

Use the suggested guide on the left to help begin your process of creating Hygge. You may find that simple things will help to create the bigger things that make your life that much better!

Meditation and Gratitude...being our best selves

Guided Meditation on Gratitude with Deepok Chopra

Research shows that if we take only a few minutes a day, and focus on Gratitude, it can change everything from our sense of well-being, our ability to get along with others, and even our immune system can become stronger.

When we realize how much we have to be thankful for, it changes the anxiety of thinking we need more. It reduces our need to drive ourselves into a frenzy of achieving more accomplishments. 

Being grateful is a we have to participate in in order for it to work.

Never be afraid to take the road less traveled. Sometimes when you think you are lost you are actually right where you are supposed to be. Take risks. Enjoy life...all of life!

Use this free app to notify you daily about taking the time to consider what is making you happy thoughout the day. It helps to remind us what is important. It helps us remember to take a few moments each day to be happy.

There are so many opportunities provided from AARP. There are many wonderful, free classes provided around the metro areas. Please consider looking on their web site to see all of the possibilities!

Finding the perfect magazine that captures your heart as well as your soul...

Bella Grace. It is one of the best magazines around! Each one has beautiful photos next to the most wonderfully written stories, poems, thoughts and reflections. It is one of the most artifully gifted magazine I have come across in a very long time.

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