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Upcoming Events 
Due to COVID-19 many in person events have been re-scheduled or will be
provided via Zoom

What's To Be Expected...


Book Clubs

Invite Kim Kane to your bookclub to

discuss her published book:

Sparkle On...Women Aging in Gratitude.


​Discussion will include:

  • Time for questions and answers

  • Discussing the reason why the book was written

  • Asking book club members what chapters resinated with them; and why

  • Interviewing book club members about their own experiences with aging.


Vision Board Gatherings

​Vision Board Gatherings are a great way to gather with people you care about and share what you are hoping for within the near future. We will begin with a series of questions that will help get everyone centered and focused on very purposeful decisions and desires. Depending on how the group wants to run the gathering, we will share those answers or keep them private. Afterwards we will begin to develop our own personal Vision Board that will be used for very our own personal journey.


Attending a Vision Board Gathering is a great way to have fun, build a sense of community and share with each other ideas, next step suggestions and ways to support each other.  

So grab some wine, tea, coffee and will be a night to unite! 

May all our dreams come true...

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