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July 4th And All That Jazz...

At the risk of having people boo me, I have to confess: I am not really a fan of July 4th. I know! Who says that? It has come to my attention in a variety of ways; such as, I dread the date coming up, I hate the heat around this time of year, I have no boat or pool to use on this day, I am not a fan of picnics in the summer, I do not wish to hear or use fireworks, and it is very possible I could (and probably will) let this day go by without any hoopla whatever-so-ever.

Now I realize this is not a popular feeling for July 4th. As a matter of fact, most people I know will ask me and each other, "What are you doing for the 4th?" Usually asked with a joyful voice anticipating lots of fun news on ways to celebrate the 4th. Me. well I don't ask about the 4th. Not because I am not interested in what friends are doing. I do not see it as a holiday I celebrate...and mostly due to not having the fantasy I have created in my brain. This fantasy consists of we all live in a small town. In this small town we have a parade, local carnival, watermelon seed spitting contests and corn hole throwing tournaments. We have a street dance followed by fireworks. At the end of the day we all walk home with smiles and a few yawns tucked in between those smiles. The day begins and ends with another year of tradition having worked its magic.

I should mention included in this fantasy the weather is not hot or humid. Fireflies dance around at night; not mosquitos. All storefronts and homes are decorated and even Mr. Greene comes out of his house to celebrate...(I think I just lapsed into writing a book chapter). Ok. You get the idea.

My other fantasy is we have a cabin and it is large enough for my entire family to enjoy time and space in. We boat, water-ski, fish, swim and have a fish dinner with all the fixins and sun-kissed faces I adore around the table. We giggle and tell stories of the day's adventures and of days gone by. We finish dinner and are out the door to build our campfire to cook our smores and popcorn in anticipation for the fireworks set off on the beautiful, calm, glass-like, lake. We all oooh and aaah over the fireworks show and we end the evening with a low flame campfire with stories. The day begins and ends with another year of tradition having worked it magic.

And also should be mentioned in this fantasy, the weather is not hot or humid. Fireflies dance around at night; not mosquitos.

Why is it these are the only two ways I see celebrating the 4th? Have I allowed my fantasies to take over thus not allowing me to celebrate the 4th of July without them? Have I recoiled to being in my house over the 4th as if in a stay-put order from the Governor? Wait, was I relieved last year when we WERE in a stay put order??? Or maybe I have created my 4th of July experience as the new normal...the tradition of not celebrating!

As a person who likes to celebrate the smallest of things (and in doing so creates large events), this all seems very out of character for me. I have never ever celebrated the 4th in above described ways...never. So the only real barrier I can think of is it's the heat. That's my go to for many reasons I don't even like the summer. It's the truth. I tend to start blooming end of August early September. Now that I have really thought about this, if we could move the 4th of July into later summer, I might just get into this without my celebration fantasies!

Meantime, Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate it. Me? I will be indoors with the air on humming the Star Bangled Banner planning for my fun events first weekend in September.


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